Workshop on Advanced NMR methods for quadrupolar Nuclei

This workshop will be dedicated to NMR characterization using advanced 1d/2D methods specific to quadrupolar nuclei. Studied topics will be :

  • Central Transition signal enhancement using population transfer (DFS/RAPT type experiments) ;

  • CPMG acquisition for enhancing signal ;

  • Correlation spectra between 1/2 and quadrupolar nuclei

    • D-HMQC 1H-{14N}

    • D-HMQC 27Al-{31P}

    • D-INEPT {27Al}-31P

  • Homonuclear correlation 2D spectra of quadrupolar spins (Double quantum 27Al spectra)

The workshop will start by a presentation of the different methods and the strategies to adopt as function of the investigated sample and nuclei, and will be followed a practical session on an 800 MHz spectrometer so that the participants can learn how these experiments can set-up.

To attend this workshop, a knowledge of the basics of NMR of quadrupolar nuclei (spin, energy levels, coherence, central and satellite transitions) is strongly recommended. It is particularly dedicated to people having a previous experience in 1D NMR of quadrupolar nuclei who would like to broaden their expertise by learning advanced methods for those isotopes.

Date: Monday 18th of November, 2019

Location: C4 building, "cité scientifique" campus, Lille University, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

Speakers : Julien Trébosc, Olivier Lafon. Languages: English and French. Registration is free of charge, but only a maximum of 7 participants can be hosted.

Lieu : Campus CNRS de la Haute-Borne, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Intervenants : Davy Sinnaeve, François-Xavier Cantrelle et Xavier Trivelli, Langages : Anglais et Français, Inscriptions gratuites mais limitées à 10 places.

Registration *

* By registering for the practical training, you agree to register and participate in the meeting of the "users meeting" which will take place the next day