Practical aspects of proton homonuclear decoupling in solution NMR (Pure Shift)

This one-day workshop will start with a general presentation in the morning about the basic principles of homodecoupling: the principles of diverse approaches (Bandselective, Zangger-Sterk, BIRD, PSYCHE ; 1D and 2D experiments; real-time or pseudo-2D ; J-resolved experiments), discussing their advantages and drawbacks, and some practical applications.
Participants will subsequently be divided in two groups and follow two parallel sessions. During these sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific cases of their own interest in an informal setting.
The first session will take place on the 900 MHz spectrometer and concerns the practical experimental setup of pure shift sequences.
In the second session, participants will be able to study concrete case-studies in silico and will be able to compare different pure shift experimental results.
Participants will follow each of these two sessions successively. Good basic Topspin operation skills are recommended.
Date : Monday 18th of November, 2019
Location: Campus CNRS de la Haute-Borne, Villeneuve d’Ascq. Speakers: Davy Sinnaeve, François-Xavier Cantrelle and Xavier Trivelli. Languages : English and French. Registration is free of charge, but only a maximum of 10 participants can be hosted.

Lieu : Campus CNRS de la Haute-Borne, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Intervenants : Davy Sinnaeve, François-Xavier Cantrelle et Xavier Trivelli, Langages : Anglais et Français, Inscriptions gratuites mais limitées à 10 places.

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